Read More About Pain Management At NSAJ

Most medical professionals agree that “motion is life”. This means that it is important that we stay active at all ages. No one wants to spend their advanced years being immobile.

For these reasons, we established National Spine and Joint. Our goal is to offer people living with chronic pain an alternative to prescription medications and surgery. Our solution is not just about providing pain relief, but by regenerating tendons and ligaments to allow for many years of active and productive living. We use natural solutions, in a non-invasive procedure, creating little to no down time and little to no out of pocket financial obligation to the patient.

Like many of you our lives have taken a toll on our bodies and this has interfered with our active lifestyle. We have successfully gone through the process which was the catalyst behind this venture. If you are in pain, we want you to have the opportunity for success that we have personally experienced. What do you have to lose?